The World’s Most

Treasured Christmas Tree

The Legend

of the Blue Button

Today, the best Christmas trees in the world come from Nova Scotia. But how did they come to grow here? Discover the story for yourself.

Why choose a Nova Scotia

Balsam Fir?


The Nova Scotia balsam fir fills the home with the scent of the season. No other Christmas tree smells quite like a balsam fir.


Nova Scotia balsam firs are wonderfully symmetrical, thick and full. Its needles are dark green and grow 360 degrees around the boughs.

Needle Retention

Thanks to Nova Scotia’s cool, moist climate, the balsam fir retains its needles for long periods.


A real Christmas tree lets families celebrate the holidays just like the generations before them. Nova Scotia balsam firs are grown and harvested just as they have been for hundreds of years: naturally.

Environmentally Friendly

Nova Scotia growers carefully select trees for harvest each year; a Christmas tree stand is never clear cut. The stands are left to regenerate naturally, to provide habitat for wildlife, and maintain this treasured ecosystem.

Caring for your

Nova Scotia Balsam Fir

Make a fresh cut

Keep away from

heat source



Protect your tree

Protect your tree from sun, wind and salt on the drive home.

Keep it cool

If you won’t be decorating for a few days, keep the tree in the coolest part of your home but away from the drying effects of wind and sun.

Make a fresh cut

Before bringing your tree indoors, make a fresh cut of at least 2 cm off the base of the trunk so the tree can absorb water easily. Care for your tree as you would fresh flowers.

Water your tree

Place your tree in a stand that holds at least 5 litres (1 gallon) of water. Water your tree daily with tap water. No additives are needed. Some, like sugar, can be detrimental. Don’t let the water level drop below the base of the tree or the trunk could seal over, minimizing further water uptake.

Don’t place your tree near heat sources

Choose a location for your tree away from radiators, heat ducts or fireplaces.

Use only approved lighting sets

Use light approved for Christmas tree use and when purchasing new ornaments, check the labels to determine flame retardant ratings.

Check lights and sockets every year

A well-watered tree will never burn due to lights, but faulty lights cannot make the same claim. Turn your tree lights off at bedtime and when you leave the room. 

Start a new tradition

this Christmas Season

Look for Nova Scotia balsam fir at your favourite Christmas tree stand.

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